Wedding - this is one of the most important events for two people, tying the knot. For the bride and groom, marriage is the first step along a new path in life.

This bright holiday should be remembered by the solemnity of the ceremony of the birth of a new family.

Hotel "SV" invites you to spend the first wedding night in a romantic cozy atmosphere of spacious rooms. Together we will work out the decoration of the room, we will create the inimitability inherent in the first night.

Romantic offer for honeymooners!

"Home cooking" - breakfast, dinner, cooking to order.

For an additional fee, you can purchase disposable slippers, a dental kit, a shaving kit, a comb, a shower cap.

One of the advantages of our hotel is its convenient location: Sberbank, currency exchange, notary, post office, supermarket chain, market, cafes and restaurants with Eastern and European cuisine, hairdresser, pharmacy, several paid parking lots, Volga embankment, entertainment center " Star".

Providing services for finding tourist excursions, theater performances, etc.

Providing help if you are in a difficult situation (for example, lost).

Secretarial services.

Providing office equipment.

The Internet.

Providing courier services.

Spacious comfortable rooms. Each of the 5 rooms on the decoration is unique.

Friendly service staff. Arranged room service.

All amenities: shower, toilet, toiletry set, slippers in the room, bathrobe at the request of the Guest, hairdryer, air conditioner, refrigerator, cable TV, dispenser with hot and cold water in the lobby.

The ability to book a room by phone.

Registration of foreign citizens at the place of stay.